Searching for B.O.D. members 

Mothers Raising Sons is in need of 3 Jr. Board of Directors members. Duties could include:

  1. Meetings four – six times a year. 
  2. Develop fundraising.
  3. Assist with programming ideas.

Mothers Raising Sons is in need of 7 Advisory Board members. DUTIES include 

  1. Advise on single parenting.
  2. Assist with planning activities.
  3. Social Media exposure.
  4. Website updates.
  5. Chaperoning 2 games, plays, theater, Sports arenas.
  6. Mentor to the parent or child by way of telephone, text or email.
  7. Suggestions and ideas for promoting MRS.

If interested please call for 404 24710 86 or email at

About Mothers Raising Sons

Single mother raised 3 sons.
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