Its a lot easier to fix troubled boys than to fix broken men

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DONATE To Males Summer Camp June 6-July 1, 2017

Mothers Raising Sons, Inc. ®

Males 2 Men Summer Camp

Keeping our males out of juvenile justice system and active for the summer !


MRS Boys 2 Men Summer Camp provides enrichment programs that help boys from grades K-12 and ages 6-21.

Creative teaching techniques will be used to give our sons an opportunity to experience learning in a non-traditional way. Our sons will interact with degrees male instructors.

Our sons will leave the camp with valuable academic knowledge and material that would benefit them in the future.


Yes to any of the following questions means your son would benefit from the summer camp:

  1. Does my son need to strengthen his academics, social skills, communication skills and learn to work better with others?
  1. Does my son need to experience positive male role models?
  1. Does my son need time to meditate on his life and what he needs to do to be successful?


Boys to Men Retreat/College Tour: Additional Cost  Locations TBA   July 19-21

Weekly Activities: Swimming, Bowling, Movies, Football, Soccer, Rope Climbing, Baseball, Basketball, Dance and Acting

Various Trips:  Museum: Apex & Carlos, Braves, Zoo, Imax, GA Capital, etc

*There will be a minimal fee for the field trips and clinics.

Anger Management  Conflict Resolution    Leadership

Effective Communication    Peer Pressure           Bullying

Education        College Tours    Entrepreneurship         Academic

Strengthening Mother – Son Relationship

Mothers Support Group Meeting

At all times our young men must learn how to socialize in a positive manner. Through effective communication, handling anger and stress Boys 2 Men camps will teach them how to positively relate to each other and solve conflicts that will occur among males.


Weekly Schedule

Date:  June 5 – 30, 2017      Time:  7:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.

Daily Schedule

8:00 – 12:00        Academics

12:00 – 1:00           Lunch

1:00 – 5:00           Clinics &  Field Trips

5:00 – 6:00           Preparation for  Home

Registration Fee                    $55.00

Weekly Camp Fee                $95.00

Scholarship Available * Federal income scale


Mothers Raising Sons, Inc. ®

P.O. Box 372951

Decatur, GA  30037-2951




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A Very Merry Un-Valentine’s Day to You! How to Plan the Ultimate Singles Party

By: Michelle Peterson 2017

Photo courtesy of Unsplash by Laura Ockel

Many people find themselves single on Valentine’s Day each year, whether due to breakup, divorce, or just not wanting to deal with the complications that can come along with a relationship. Sound familiar? If your answer is “yes” then you’re not alone.

One way to make the most out of a romantic holiday when you’re single is by throwing a party. Recent divorcees can plan a Divorce Party, a trend that is becoming increasingly mainstream. “Galentine’s Day” (or a celebration of the women in your life) has also become a new option for anyone looking for alternatives to Valentine’s Day. Or, you can throw traditions to the wind by putting your own unique spin on the idea of hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day party.

When it comes to party ideas, the sky’s the limit. Here are a few tips for throwing the ultimate party that your friends will love.

Choose a Theme

As with any well-planned party, choose a theme that makes sense for the type of party you are throwing and the types of people you are inviting. Will there be decorations? Will there be costumes? Will there be games? Prizes? A potluck? Karaoke? Will you watch movies or a Netflix TV show marathon? How will you entertain your guests? The overall theme of your party is completely up to you, and will influence everything from the party decor to the games you play to the choices of foods you serve. Choose wisely and have fun with it!

Theme picks: Galentine’s Day, Divorce Party, Single Awareness Day party… just don’t make it a pity party!

Invite your guests
This one is pretty self explanatory. Choose the people you’d absolutely love to see at your party, and invite them in the ways that are most convenient for you and for them.

Guest picks: friends, family, coworkers, singles, and of course, people who are positive, supportive, and uplifting – and who you’d actually want to celebrate with!

Serve Your Favorite Foods

Want a breakfast-themed divorce party? Cook up all the waffles, eggs and bacon you want! Not a cook? Or just too exhausted with the divorce to even think about cooking right now? That’s absolutely okay. Take-out from your favorite restaurant is always a great option. A potluck is another affordable option that still allows you all to enjoy some tasty home-cooked items.

Food picks: Potluck

Grab your best Galentines

Watch uplifting movies. Some ideas could be anything that takes your mind off the divorce. Avoid romantic comedies and sappy love stories. Stories about the bonds you form with your close female friends (and the adventures you have together) are encouraged. True stories about people overcoming bad breakups to go on incredible, soul-searching journeys and having the times of their life are definitely recommended. Here are some ideas if you’re looking for other recommendations.

Movie picks: Thelma & Louise. Eat, Pray, Love. Amélie. Under the Tuscan Sun.
In conclusion…

February 14th doesn’t have to be the most dreaded day of the year. Even if you’re not in a relationship, you can reclaim Valentine’s Day to make it your own. There’s plenty of inspiration out there. Now’s the time to get creative and make it happen! Worst case, if your party plans fall through, you’ve got lots of half-priced candy to look forward to on February 15th. Have fun planning!

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Need your Story & Advice about Raising Boys to be Men

MRS is searching for real life experiences of successes and failures on raising boys. Please help us with your high sight of a situation.  Help a female or son that is currently experiencing what you already dealt with by giving them advice on how to handle a situation.


Write it !   Record It!     Video It!  Just DO IT!

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Raising Sons – The MANual

Mothers Raising Sons – The MANual: Real Life Testimonies & Advice from Mothers & Men (Mothers & Sons Experiences) (Volume 1) January 11, 2017Large Print

by Lisa Norwood and Dionte Walker

Mothers Raising Sons™ The MANual book was written from life testimonies across the country about the survival techniques used in raising boys. Advice tools for single mothers that teach young men how to navigate successfully through the maze of life. The character, ethics, wisdom, integrity, and principles that is essential to the survival of our boys to men and mothers raising sons ‘sanity. The Interviewer, after raising three boys to be successful men in their rights, her success and failures came from working in management at the second largest juvenile court in GA and programs with Mothers Raising Sons. Her conviction in what makes young men have a better chance of becoming successful is having a spiritual relationships with God, good character, solid foundation, integrity and proper conduct, which all are taught at home first.

Help a single mother with her son by purchasing The MANual or help the son with how to handle mom.

The MANual Book
QR Code

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Mothers Raising Sons Book “The MANual”

The MANual book is intended to be used as a reference guide to mothers raising sons‘ household and not as a medical or psychology manual at no means.  None of the articles are from professional consultants, psychologists, or legal attorneys. These are the testimonies and words of wisdom from others that have dealt with the issues at hand.  The information given in this book is designed to give suggestions and ideas on how to address and deal with issues and concerns in raising male children.  It is a book of life skills based upon real life situations from all over the United States. This book is broken down by subjects to assist any:

  • Females: (mother,  grandmother,  great-grandma,  aunt,  cousin,  foster care, military wives) raising a boy to be a successful man.
  • Males being raised by a female.

Mothers Raising Sons ™ ―The MANual‖ book was written from life testimonies across the country about the survival techniques used in raising boys.  Advice tools for single mothers that teach young men how to navigate successfully through the maze  of  life.  The  character,  ethics,  wisdom,  integrity,  and  principles  that  is essential to the survival of our boys to men and mothers raising sons‘ sanity.

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Click and Pledge Donation

The MANual Book QR Code

The MANual Book
QR Code

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Lets help our most precious commodity, our boys to men.

Yes, we need to cause a change for our boys to men.  Searching for positive male mentors to give back. Please help the village of single mothers with your advise.  404-247-1086

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Help support out village of single mothers raising sons to be positive men. Separate Support Groups meeting for the single female head of household raising our boys to men.


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FREE Mother’s Day Dinner

Mothers Day (150)“United We Stand with Generations”

2 Great-Grandma, 2 Grandmothers, 1 Mother speaking Wisdom to our young ladies. Giving back the wisdom to empower, enthuse and establish a good foundation for God’s purpose into womanhood.

Free Dinner Provided, Gifts, Prizes, and entertainment.

May 7, 2016 Saturday    6-8:30 pm

Successful Event!

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